Weapons are mainly used in Slendytubbies III in the Survival gamemode.

In the Campaign, the chainsaw is a weapon used by both Dipsy and the Guardian, as well as the MP5N making an appearance in the hands of some soldier tubbies in the Good Ending and the Bad Ending.

In the Infection gamemode, only the XIX and the MCS870 are available to the player.

Ranged weapons, more commonly known as guns, are the main weapons of Survival in Slendytubbies III.

Each of them have limited ammo, which can be refilled at ammo crates or helicopters that are open at the end of each wave in Survival. They also have variable accuracy levels, reload speeds, fire rates, ammo capacity, and damage. Weapons with a higher rate of fire tend to have lower accuracy, and larger weapons tend to have slower reload speeds.

Players are also able to use the iron sights or the scope on a gun, which, in most cases, will result in higher accuracy, and allows the player to look closer at faraway locations.

Each weapon earns a specific amount of toasts for every shot landed on an enemy. Headshots will earn more toasts than a body shot, and will deal extra damage. Minibosses and bosses give less toasts for each shot than an enemy would.


Regular/Zoomed in


Name Type Ammunition/

Ammunition Cost

Cost Sell
Transparent weps xixTransparent weps xix zoom

Transparent weps pistol reticleTransparent weps xix icon

XIX Pistol 7/56

2 per bullet

100 50
Transparent weps xix iiTransparent weps xix ii zoom

Transparent weps xix ii reticleTransparent weps xix icon

XIX II Pistol 10/80

2 per bullet

150 75
Transparent weps shortyTransparent weps shorty zoom

Transparent weps shorty reticleTransparent weps shorty icon

Shorty Shotgun 3/24

12 per shell

500 250
Transparent weps vz61Transparent weps vz61 zoom

Transparent weps smg reticleTransparent weps vz61 icon

VZ61 Machine Pistol 20/160

2 per bullet

500 250
Transparent weps 44 combatTransparent weps 44 combat zoom

Transparent weps pistol reticleTransparent weps 44 combat icon

44 Combat Revolver 5/40

5 per bullet

700 350
Transparent weps mcs870Transparent weps mcs870 zoom

Transparent weps mcs870 reticleTransparent weps mcs870 icon

MCS870 Shotgun 5/40

18 per shell

750 375
Transparent weps mp5nTransparent weps mp5n zoom

Transparent weps smg reticleTransparent weps mp5n icon

MP5N Sub-Machine Gun 30/240

3 per bullet

750 375
Transparent weps m40a3Transparent weps m40a3 zoom

Transparent weps m40a3 reticleTransparent weps m40a3 icon

M40A3 Sniper Rifle 5/45

10 per bullet

1000 500
Transparent weps akmTransparent weps akm zoom

Transparent weps akm reticleTransparent weps akm icon

AKM Rifle 30/240

4 per bullet

1250 625
Transparent weps m249Transparent weps m249 zoom

Transparent weps m249 reticleTransparent weps m249 icon

M249-SAW Support Machine Gun 150/600

2 per bullet

1250 625
Transparent weps rpgTransparent weps rpg zoom

Transparent weps rpg reticleTransparent weps rpg icon

RPG Rocket Launcher 4

150 per rocket

1250 625
Transparent weps mk16Transparent weps xix ii zoom

Transparent weps mk16 reticleTransparent weps mk16 icon

MK16 Rifle 15/120

8 per bullet

1500 750

Melee weapons are the other type of weapons used in Survival Mode in Slendytubbies III.

Melee weapons are close ranged and are completely ineffective at longer ranges. They do not require any ammo and cannot be zoomed in, having the ability to be used indefinitely, with the exception of the chainsaw. Using a melee weapon, however, is risky, as the majority of enemies also use melee attacks, therefore it is recommended to use them only as a last resort.


Regular/Zoomed in


Name Type Cost Sell
Transparent weps knife

Transparent weps melee reticleTransparent weps knife icon

Knife Melee 100 50
Transparent weps machete

Transparent weps melee reticleTransparent weps machete icon

Machete Melee 200 100
Transparent weps fireaxe

Transparent weps melee reticleTransparent weps fireaxe icon

Fireaxe Melee 300 150
Transparent weps katana

Transparent weps melee reticleTransparent weps katana icon

Katana Melee 1000 500
Transparent weps chainsawTransparent weps chainsaw zoom

Transparent weps melee reticleTransparent weps chainsaw icon

Chainsaw Melee - Fuel


cost of 1 per unit of fuel

2000 1000


  • The Survival Chainsaw uses a different model than the one Dipsy Chainsaw uses, as well as the one in the Campaign.
  • The chainsaw acts more like a ranged weapon despite it being a melee weapon, as you are able to use careful aim with it like a gun, and uses fuel as ammunition.
  • The cost of ammo appears to be dependent on how much damage each bullet does. This does not apply to the chainsaw, as although it does above average damage, one unit of fuel only costs one toast.
  • The RPG is the only weapon that can hit any amount of enemies, barring the spawn limit for enemies in Survival. Additionally, it is the only ranged weapon that does not actually need to be reloaded.
  • Most weapons have a max capacity that is 8x their clip capacity.
    • The M249-SAW and the Chainsaw only have 4x their clip capacity in max ammo, due to their significantly larger clips.
    • The M40A3 has 9x as much max ammo as their clip capacity does, for unknown reasons.
  • The gunshot sounds in the Bad Ending is different from the ones used in Survival.
  • The sell value for each gun is equal to half of its buy value.
  • It is possible to earn enough toasts for any weapon by Wave 4 in Survival.
    • Theoretically, it is possible to earn enough by Wave 3, however, that would require almost every single enemy in Wave 2 and 3 to be a Runner New Born or a Crawler Droid.
  • The Shorty shoots 6 bullets in one shot. The MCS870, on the other hand, shoots 7.
  • The MCS870 used to have less ammo per clip and less max ammo capacity, specifically 4/32. This was likely for Infection balancing.
  • All melee weapons have the same range, despite stronger melee weapons being longer than others.
  • The Fireaxe hits twice in one attack at the cost of having a slower attack.
  • The 44 Combat used to have less damage, until an update changed it to have the same damage as the M40A3.
  • In the initial release v1.0 version, all weapons had 40 clip capacity, despite still having regular max ammo capacity. This was fixed shortly in an update.
  • In the trailer, there was an icon of a gun that never appeared in the full game. It appears to be an M1A4. This icon, along with the gun's assets, can still be found in the game files.
Beta gun icon

The icon of the unused weapon.