My original guideline was to murder The Master before it escaped from the Main Land.
— Unit 437, Chapter 2
For the enemies from Multiplayer, see Enemies or Survival.

Unit 437 is a minor character of Slendytubbies III, that can be encountered during Chapter 2 - The Journey.


It's a mechanical humanoid with two knives-hand and one orange eye. It has gears all over its body.


Unit 437 is encountered during Chapter 2 - The Journey, if the player chose the Teletubby Mountains.

It was a robot soldier sent to find and kill Yeti Tubbie, but when it realized that it couldn't defeat him, it decided to become his servant. It now cuts trees to keep Yeti Tubbie's fire and cooks the food for him.

Its fate after The Guardian's evasion is unclear but according to what it said, it has been presumably destroyed by its master.


Survival Enemies

At the right

Ones of the enemies from Survival Mode in Multiplayer are Security Droids :

They slowy walk towards the player and slice their blades when close. After losing half health, they start spinning their blades in a 360 degree motion, moving extremely quickly. They have a decent amount of health and can be deadly if not taken care of.


  • Before the release of Slendytubbies III, The Security Droids were thought to be Voice Trumpets.