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The content of this page is not canon, and therefore, should not be interpreted as part of the lore.

TubbyCraft is a map in Slendytubbies II. It first came with the Update 4. It's a ported Minecraft recreation of the first game.


The map is Teletubby Land recreated in Minecraft; the only thing inside the map that isn't a cube are the players, the custards and Tinky Winky's antenna.


  • The map was originally a Minecraft recreation of the first Slendytubbies Game which was ported to the Terror Engine to import into Slendytubbies II.
  • The minecraft map was released on a website called Minecraft Fourms and caught the eye of many minecraft players and Slendytubbies players alike.
  • The original Minecraft map was created by a user named Heal Pony
  • Lots of the textures inside the ST-II map differ from the Minecraft map.
    • The trees inside the map's textures resemble Minecraft Oak Trees when in the original version (Made in Minecraft) the trees were Spruce Trees.
    • The textures of the grass and stone are stretched compared to their Minecraft counterparts.
    • The path resembles a path more in the game than the original Minecraft version, the same can be said in the metal at the house.
  • Outside the map, you can see things such as Command Blocks (used to make the original Minecraft Map), The main menu sections and the backup houses.
  • You can zoom into a voice trumpet on the top of a mountain on the left, near the sea.


  • If one is to zoom in on the village and strutures outside the map via their camera, it's possible to see that some of the structures are textured.
  • The coal blocks in this map (dark gray, blurry blocks) have no collision detection so it is possible to go through them and go inside the mountains. One of the most commonly-exploited spots would be the line of coal blocks above the cave.