Time for Tubby bye bye!
— In Chapter 3 - Promo #2

The Announcer is a fighting robot and a special threat, in both Campaign and Multiplayer.


The Announcer is a massive robot with a voice trumpet as a head and a big, mechanical body.


Chapter 3

The Announcer is a fighting robot that have been corrupted by Noo Noo who hacked the central artificial intelligence mainframe.

It appears near the end of Chapter 3 - Run Away where it is at first shown as a regular Voice Trumpet until it emerges from the ground, sent by Noo Noo to kill The Guardian. It is then fought as a two-phases Boss and is destroyed by The Guardian at the end of the battle. After its defeat, it is not seen again, presumably "dead".



In Collect, it appears as the threat of the Military Base.

Like other enemies, it will approach the closest Tubby Custard to the player and patrol around it, until it spots the player. When the player is spotted, it will start to chase the player until all nearby players are far away enough or dead. It is rather of a threat due to its medium-speed attacks but the map is open enough to easily avoid it.

In Versus, it is replaced by the Mini-Announcer.


For more info, see Survival

It appears as the boss at the tenth wave of its respective map.


For more info, see Sandbox

It can appears as an enemy or an ally. It deals more damage than any of the other enemies, being the only enemy that will one-shot the player with the Easy Difficulty.

Just like in Versus, it is replaced by its smaller relative in the playable characters panel.


  • It is the only non-playable "map threat" due to its huge size.
  • It, the other droids, Ghost Girl (and presumably the Coat Men) are the only characters of the entire saga to not be teletubbies.
  • It is the only threat to emits a repeating sound while chasing the player.
  • According to its name and the presence of only one Voice Trumpet in the Main Land, it is possible that The Announcer is in fact the Voice Trumpet that gives orders to Teletubbies.
    • It also can be noted that only two Voice Trumpets were seen in the First Opus and the Classic Map. The Announcer and its smaller relative from Survival have a Voice Trumpet as a head.
  • The Announcer (and possibly its smaller relative) may have been a guardian of the Military Base, before being corrupted by Noo-Noo.

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