Teletubby Mountains is one of the different maps available of Slendytubbies 2D. It's a large map.


It is located in snowy mountains, with numerous trees and two lakes; a little one and a big one. A path is on the ground and there's seems to be a cave at the top of the map.

Yeti Tubbie is the threat of this place.


  • The mountains are, along with Teletubby Land, the only place with a path.

Teletubby Mountains is one of the different maps available of Slendytubbies III in Multiplayer.

It is also one of the possible visited locations in Campaign.

It is located somewhere in the south-west of Teletubby Land.


It is, just like the previous opus, located in snowy mountains with numerous trees. Giant statues are located somewhere in the landscape, as well as a tower and a kiosk, upon the mountains.

In Campaign, the player access an area with a wooden gate and a cabin, located at the limits.


Chapter 2

The Mountains is one of the two ways the Guardian can choose for the first part of Chapter 2 - The Journey. The choice happens during the last part of the previous chapter.

The Guardian have to pass a gate to reach the way for the Outskirts. However, while moving in the fog, he will be attacked by something and knocked out. He'll then woke in a place with bloody remains and found a Droïd cutting trees. While talking with the droïd in question, he learn that he have been attacked by its "Master", and that he'll be cook for it.

The Guardian then continue his way toward the gate, but he'll have to escape the thing that knocked him out, the latter having noticed his escape. He'll then find his night-vision camera.


The Mountains is one of the maps the player can choose, on four different modes. It is wandered by Yeti Tubbie.

Notable Areas

  • Statues
  • Tower
  • Kiosk
  • Gate / Cabin


  • The frozen custard splash found before the Guardian gets knocked out, may be the cause of Yeti Tubbie's infection.
  • Mountains in Multiplayer may be an interpretation of the chase during the events of Chapter 2.

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