Some of the tubbies huddled into a group.

Teletubbies (or Tubbies) are a humanoid species covered almost entirely in vibrantly colored short fur save for their faces and the inside of their ears, recognized for the antenna on their head which have a shape unique to their owner, and the television screen implanted in their abdomen. They also appear to have snouts and large ears, and are generally short and chubby.

They are the main characters of the original TV series and the Slendytubbies saga.

In the Slendytubbies series, Teletubbies were created by an underground machine for hundreds of years in a secret underground lair. The four Teletubbies featured in the original TV series, are being experimented on by The Guardian along with other Teletubbies and the artificially intelligent Noo Noo for unknown reasons. A few other Teletubbies have also been experimented on by mysterious characters known as Coat Men. The rest of the Teletubbies found in the game, generally being groups of identical Tubbies, do not appear to have a direct correlation with the experiments.

Slendytubbies III: The Apocalypse DLC reveals that the Teletubbies race have been created after a non-expectation from a machine that was conceived to create more humans since an epidemy was decimating their race, now supposedly extinct. The Teletubbies race, being the closest creatures to humans, populate the earth.


All Teletubbies have common features. Each of them are short and chubby humanoids completely covered in short colored fur excluding their face and the inside of their large ears, and have a snout, a lack of separate fingers, and no toes. Several Teletubbies have uniquely shaped antennas, also covered in colored fur.

The Teletubbies are distinguished by their fur color and their antennas and/or accessories.

All known Teletubbies



These characters are the main recurring characters throughout the Slendytubbies series. They include the main four Teletubbies from the TV show.

Image Name State Description
Tinky Winky Tinky Winky Infected Tinky Winky is the largest and the oldest of the four main teletubbies. He has purple fur and a triangle that is pointing down for an antenna. He is depicted to be a gentle and affectionate teletubbie, and is considered somewhat feminine. His favorite item is a red handbag and he often hangs out with Po, who describes him as her best friend.

In Slendytubbies, Tinky Winky is the first one of the four main teletubbies to be infected. He is the murderer of the other three teletubbies, and later transforms into a large muscular monster.

Dipsy Dipsy Deceased†/
Dipsy is the second largest and second oldest of the four main teletubbies. He has green fur and a straight spike antenna, which is a reference to a dipstick. He has a darker face than the others as he is meant to be black. He is depicted to be quite stubborn and sarcastic, but mature. His favorite item is a cow-skinned hat, which is shown to have been taken by the Guardian in the games.

In Slendytubbies, Dipsy had been decapitated by Tinky Winky in the Tubbytronic Superdome when he was asleep, but just like the other victims, he later became an infected monster. He normally takes on his headless form, wielding a chainsaw, though for unknown reasons, he also has a taller, more piranha-like form.

Laa Laa2 Laa-Laa Deceased†/
Laa-Laa is the second smallest and youngest of the four main teletubbies. She has yellow fur and a curled antenna. She is shown to be a girly and sensitive girl, and is kind to the others. Her favorite item is a giant orange ball, and she often hangs out with Dipsy.

In Slendytubbies, Laa-Laa had been attacked on the beach, where Tinky Winky scratched out her eyes, but like the other victims, she later became an infected monster. As a monster, she has a taller and skinnier form that is covered in blood and is constantly twitching, while still lacking her eyes.

Po Po Deceased†/
Po is the smallest and youngest of the four main teletubbies. She has red fur and a circle-shaped antenna. She has a lighter face than the others, as she is meant to be Cantonese. She is shown to be a shy girl, sometimes silly, and rather tomboyish. Her favorite item is a pink and blue scooter, and she often hangs out with Tinky Winky.

In Slendytubbies, Po had been hung at a tree near the Tubbytronic Superdome after trying to escape from Tinky Winky, and just like the other victims, she became an infected monster. Like Tinky Winky, she initially had a form which was the same as her healthy state, albeit with empty bloody eyes and pale skin, along with a shattered TV screen.

She later transformed into a skinnier and taller form, with her arms being shrunk and moved to the sides of her TV screen, growing two new arms on her shoulders with scythes at the end of them. She also has large teeth growing out of her upper jaw and a pair of completely red eyes.

Po later transforms into a spider-like form, gaining regular arms that end in a pair of claws, four legs that end in long spikes, and a cape-like formation behind her neck, which has spikes protruding out of it.

White Tubby The Guardian Alive/
Deceased† (Bad Ending)/
Infected (Evil or Regretful endings)
The Guardian is the protagonist of the Slendytubbies saga, and the first original character in the whole series. He has white/colorless fur, no antenna and wears what appears to be Dipsy's hat. He lacks a name, as he is meant to represent the player, and has been explained to have the same name as the player. He has been given the role of watching over the four teletubbies, preventing them from escaping, monitored their health, and documenting their behavior. He has also grown fond of the four main teletubbies.


These are the side-characters in the story, all of them being characters original to the series and having a more minor role in the story.

Image Name state Description
Claw Tubbie Cave Tubbie Infected Cave Tubbie is a large and muscular teletubbie who wanders in the Cave. He has brown fur and a cruciform antenna, along with his left arm being a large purple tentacle. He was experimented on by the Coat Men, along with two others who were his best friends: Yeti Tubbie and Arrow Tubbie. It is possible that he wrote the notes in the Cave, though there is a chance the either the Arrow Tubbie or the Yeti Tubbie wrote them instead.
Yeti Tubbie Yeti Tubbie Infected  Yeti Tubbie is a large teletubbie who has cyan fur and has spiky hair in place of an antenna. He is the only teletubbie to have hair. He was experimented on by the Coat Men, along with two others who were his best friends: Cave Tubbie and Arrow Tubbie. He currently lives in the Mountains, with a robot slave known as Unit 437 and has the ability to speak in a child-like voice. It is possible that he wrote the notes in the Cave, though there is a chance the either the Cave Tubbie or the Arrow Tubbie wrote them instead.
Arrow Tubbie Arrow Tubbie Infected Arrow Tubbie is a tall and skinny teletubbie who has orange fur and a triangle pointing up for an antenna. He was experimented on by the Coat Men, along with two others who were his best friends: Cave Tubbie and Yeti Tubbie. It is possible that he wrote the notes in the Cave, though there is a chance the either the Cave Tubbie or the Yeti Tubbie wrote them instead.
Shadow Tubbie S3 Shadow Tubbie Active The Shadow Tubbie is a large ghostly teletubbie. It is completely pitch black excluding its luminescent TV screen and smile, and has a horizontal bracket-shaped antenna. The place where it appears implies that this was the creature that chased Laa-Laa in her nightmare. It also appeared in an hallucination endured by The Guardian. These events implies that the Shadow Tubbie could be more than just a dream. It is in fact a representation of the infection.
Ron Ron Deceased† Ron was an engineer at the Satellite Station among at least four other blue teletubbies. He was the sole survivor of the massacre that occurred in the station, but he was killed as well shortly after meeting the Guardian.


These are the different groups of teletubbies in the series, being made up of many generic characters. Teletubbies in these groups generally do not have much of an influence on the story individually.

Image Name state Description
New Born New Borns Infected The New Borns are a large group of teletubbies with light pale beige skin, no fur, no arms, no TV screen on their abdomens, and no antenna. Their skin is pale and they lack eyes. They do not appear to have any personality, and have many different forms. They are teletubbies created by the Teletubby Creation Machine after the virus was injected into the machines.
Final Promo Blue Workers Deceased† The Blue Workers are teletubbies with blue fur who worked at the Satellite Station before being killed by Dipsy. There are at least five of them, one being named Ron and another being named Tobby. Nothing else is known about them.
Ending1 Military Alive (Others: deceased†) The Military is a group of teletubbies with various fur colors and accessories, the majority being viridian with military helmets. They are called for help by the Guardian. Most of them hold weapons, the majority being MP5Ns with one possessing a Katana. Their leader seems to be the one named Sergeant Miles. Another one is named Anne. Nothing else is known about them.


These characters are created by one person of the community, and as such, have no real bearing on the actual story.

Image Name state Description
Brutes S3 Brute Tubbies Alive Brute Tubbies are a special type of teletubbies, known as Twisted Teletubbies, and are the threats of the Cabin. They have beige fur, crumpled (or moon-shaped) antennas, and they carry cleavers. Their eyes are empty and they have a smile full of sharp teeth with blood leaking out of it. They are designed and created by Ruption Shine.


  • The Teletubbies have a television screen on their abdomens, which is a mechanical part, despite them being biological creatures.
    • Notably, the New Borns lack both fur and a television screen, unlike any other Teletubbie. It is possible that the screens are merely a differently colored patch of fur.
  • The costumes worn by the actors from the show are quite large compared to an average human (e. g. Po's suit is 6 feet and 6 inches tall, despite being the shortest one). However, this may not reflect on the size they are actually meant to be.
  • Tiddlytubbies, baby teletubbies that are featured in the Teletubbies reboot, don't appear in the Slendytubbies saga.
  • In Slendytubbies III, the teletubby head model was updated from previous games to have a more human-like appearance, along with ears that are actually connected to the head and a neck. The old teletubby head model still appears, however, in Slendytubbies Classic, on the corpses of Po and Dipsy, under the helmet of the soldier that drives the helicopter in Survival, and on the Brute Tubbies.