Slendytubbies II
Menu 2
Main Menu of the game
Developer(s) ZeoWorks
Engine Unity 4 (Unity 5 after Updates)
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, OS X
Release May 1, 2014
Genre(s) Survival Horror, Item Collecting
Language(s) English, Spanish
Canon? Partially

Slendytubbies II is sequel of Slendytubbies. It was said to happen 5 years after the original game. However, this was changed in Slendytubbies III, making this installment partially canon.


  1. Multiplayer Mode uses a brand new Lobby system and no longer requires Hamachi.
  2. A nightvision camera with a flashlight is used, instead of just a flashlight.
  3. New animations and textures for the player.
  4. New Easter Eggs.
  5. New Maps and Monsters.
  6. New Popups.
  7. New system that allows you to select the Custard Amount (from 1 to 25).


  • In version 1.5, there was a bug where joining servers wouldn't work, since the game would get stuck on the connection screen. This bug was fixed in 2.0, until the servers were shut down to release 2.1.
  • In version Update 2.0, there was a bug where Tinky Winky was completely static in TubbyCraft This was fixed in 2.2.
  • Since 1.5, there was an exploit that let people spawn monsters to bother other players. This exploit was removed on 2.0, but it was reintegrated using a dll uploaded by a spanish YouTuber. However, this was finally fixed on 2.1, along with the removal of Cheat Engine support.