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The Sewers is the location that all of Chapter 4 takes place in.


It is a sewer that looks strikingly to Secret Lair but it has two doors and lacks pipes and is bigger.


Chapter 4

The Guardian, Anne and SGT. Miles enter the Sewers to destroy the Teletubby Creation Machine. But the door is locked. When White gets in a little room, the room is long and the door closes by itself and White gets afraid as Anne and Miles is not here. And then a jumpscare occurs and the room changes to the Laa Laa's Dream map. While White Tubbie walks more and more, Shadow Tubbie is seen and gets closer and closer to White Tubbie. Until it touches the player, White Tubbie screams for help, and Miles and Anne runs into the room but White Tubbie sits there and is afraid of Shadow Tubbie. Then Miles gets closer to him and punches him. Anne tells Miles to stop. Anne and Miles talk to each other and then after a the fight stops, the player can talk to Anne that White is ok or not, but it doesn't affect the story. White Tubbie finds a lockpick but still can't open the door. He talks to STG. Miles and gets a knife by him. He then opens the door and goes down the stairs. But a hallucination will appear. First it gets turned into Laa Laa's Dream. Then it gets turned to Satellite Station. Then it turns to a flesh cave. And then the hallucination will stop and then when The Guardian enters the Teletubby Creation Machine SGT. Miles and Anne is there, Miles asks why The Guardian took so long on going down the stairs. SGT. Miles then tells him to explain it. But The Guardian passes out of a unknown reason. After a little time The Guardian wakes up and then the player will have a choice to answer Anne what happened. He then tells Anne that he had the visions ever since Tinky-Winky killed his friends, he tells he's going insane. After a little time he goes to the machine and the machine tells The Guardian to put in a key card. He tries Tobby's key card, but it fails due to not enough permissions. Anne asks what happened and The Guardian tells that the key card didn't work. SGT. Miles then grabs an axe to destroy the machine. But White Tubbie says no. He then tells that they could experiment with it to make a whole new world. Anne then tells that SGT. Miles and her can tell that. A cutscene appears. SGT. Miles says that it started with humans. But people would die when they were born. The humans decided to make more but it failed and created the Teletubbies. After it White Tubbie says that they should told this secret.

Notable Areas

  • Teletubby Creation Machine