The Secret Center is one of the different maps available of Slendytubbies II.

It was added in Update 1.4.


The Secret Center is a facility with defective machines, two large rooms and multiple corridors. It seems to be composed of four floors, or three floors with one basement.

Dipsy (on his chainsaw-holding state) is the threat of this place.


  • Dipsy used to never enter the third floor.
    • Eventually, the bug was fixed in Update 2.0.
  • The first floor is reminiscent of the corridors from the Satellite Station.
  • The ambience is the same as in Secret Lair but slowed down.

The Secret Center is one of the different locations available of Slendytubbies III in Multiplayer.

It is also one of the visited locations in Campaign.

It is confirmed to be one section of an entire facility, with the Satellite Station. The facility is located on little mountains of the Outskirts.


The Secret Center is located in the basement, which is a large room with numerous screens in areas under the stairs.


Chapter 3

The Secret Center is where The Guardian has to go to contact the Military. He reach's it during Chapter 3 - Run Away.

The Center is only accessible by a door that only can be opened with a key card. After have encountered many corpses and the cause of it, the Guardian finally reaches the center but then meet Noo Noo in the huge room. This latter reveals that he was the one behind the infection, and then sends The Announcer to kill the Guardian.

After defeating his foe, the Guardian contacts the Military.


The Secret Center is a part of the facility in which the Satellite Station is a part as well. It is wandered by Po on her first phase.

A remastered version of the Secret Center from Slendytubbies II have been added in the Update v1.28. It is wandered by Po on her pre-mutation and seems to take place in another part of the facility

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