Popups are a mechanic used in many horror games. The idea is to flash the player with a disturbing Image/Animation, often with a loud sound playing. It is supposed to scare the player.

This mechanic is used in Slendytubbies and Slendytubbies II

Slendytubbies/Anniversary Edition:

In the first opus, the popups are screens of the teletubbies, showing their situation.

Slendytubbies II:

In the second opus, the popups are edited images of teletubbies. Some of them are just supposed to scare, but a few of them seems to talk a bit about the backstory.



  • The "Tinky Winky and Newborns" popup is a modified version of "Without Title" from Teletubbies From Hell gallery by DeviantArt user Yaro42.[1] This is also the image that inspired the New Borns.
  • The "Dark picture of Tinky Winky" popup is originally the thumbnail of the 2007 video "teletubbies are scary" uploaded by YouTube user chicksSCY.[2]
  • The "Po and Tinky Tank" popup is a modified version of "Teletubbies say Eh-Oh" by Flickr user TudorCostache.[3]
  • The "Hanging Teletubbies" popup is a modified version of a previously photoshopped image of the Teletubbies in the gallows.[4] The source of this image is unknown, and while the earliest record of this image leads to a 2004 post made by Fotolog user analyzator, another post using a higher quality image was made in 2006 by Fotolog user diego_x16.
  • It was confirmed that popups may not return in Slendytubbies III, as the developers think they are outdated and not scary anymore.[5]
    • Only one popup occurred in Slendytubbies III, which is when Tinky Winky breaks the Custard Machine. The popup is the Slendytubbie's II Tinky Tank face popup.
  • The "Horrifying version of Laa Laa and Dipsy˝ were inspiration for the new monsters for Slendytubbies III named Brute Tubbies.


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