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The machines are creating an army of New Borns. They're flooding the lands, infecting all life as we speak.

The New Borns (a.k.a Skintubbies) are ones of the main characters of the Slendytubbies saga, and one of the different threats of Slendytubbies II.


Like the other teletubbies, they are humanoids with big ears and a chubby body. However, they lack antennas and have a light-brown skin. Their face and the inside of their ears have a pale skin color and soulless eyes. They also have visible veins on their face.


By the number of two, they appears as the threats of the Secret Lair and one of them appears as one of the threats in the Training Maze. They walks towards the nearest custard to the player and standing on it until the player either moves closer to another custard or spots the player. If they spots a player, they will scream and chase them until the game ends. If they hits the player, the player will die.


  • Their scream is the same as Tinky Winky's one, but more acute.
  • Their arms are inside the model, rather than absent.
  • They are the only pair of enemies in the game.
  • They have been inspired by "Teletubbies" from DeviantArt user Yaro42.[1]
  • Judging by their name "New Born", then it reveals all New Borns are young teletubbies, or babies.


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The New Borns Duo is back in Slendytubbies 2D as ones of the different enemies.


They have the same appearance than in the previous opus. They are light-brown teletubbies with a pale face, soulless eyes and no antennas. Unlike their previous appearance, they are armless.


They appears as the threats of the Secret Lair and one of them appears as one of the threats in the Training Maze. They follows the player slowly. When the player is close to them, they will scream and speed up until the player gets far away enough. They also emits sobs whenever nearby. In the Secret Lair, they are slower than the player but can be deadly because of their number and the restricted areas. In the Training Maze, the New Born have the same speed as the player, requiring the use of the maze walls to escape it.


  • They have the same apparitions and same sounds as in Slendytubbies II. However, the scream is higher pitched.
    • This is also true for Po.

The New Borns are back in Slendytubbies III as ones of the different threats, in Campaign and mostly in Multiplayer.


They are lighter brown, lack an antenna and have less veins on their faces than before. They don't have arms but their areas can still be seen in their attacking animation. They still have their soulless eyes.


Chapter 1

The New Borns are potential threats in the first part of Chapter 1 - A New Day.

They introduces themselves after The Guardian took his night-vision camera. They are three of them and each of them patrols in a corridor. They will spot and kill the player if he stands in front of them. The main thing different is that they are three New Borns instead of two.

Chapter 3

During the discussion between The Guardian and Noo Noo, an army of New Borns are taking over the lands. It's revealed that they have been created with the virus being already in their body.

In the "Good Ending", The Guardian, among the military, will have to fight the army of New Borns.

In the other endings, the army of New Borns dominate the military and presumably kill every soldiers.


In Collect, The Usual Duo appears as the threats of the Secret Lair.

Like other monsters, they will approach the closest Tubby Custard to the player and patrol around it, until they spots the player. When the player is spotted, they will scream and chase the player until all nearby players are far away enough or dead. They are much of a threat due to some restricted areas, their number, their quick attacks and their relatively fast speed.

In Versus, one of them is playable.


For more infos, see Survival

In Survival Mode, there is a variety of New Borns variants that the players must kill to progress in the multiple waves.

A large number of Runner New Borns appears as a Boss Equivalent at the tenth wave in Secret Lair, and a similar thing happens at the tenth wave of Fortress.


For more infos, see Sandbox

All of the New Borns variants can appears as enemies or allies but not as playable characters.


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