This is a list of changes in updates on Slendytubbies III.



  • Fixed bug where the ladder on Chapter 1 wouldn't work, making it impossible to complete the chapter.
  • Fixed foreign characters not appearing on menu/chapter briefs.
  • Fixed The NPCS Speed Attack and Very Fast Moves.
  • Fixed The Bosses do Have More Health.



  • Fixed bug where some enemies would freeze and T-Pose when they're killed on survival.
  • Fixed scrolling on server list.


  • Fixed Leaderboard syncing.
  • Fixed Enemy ragdoll bug.
  • Fixed Enemy player attack sync.
  • Fixed colliders on one building on Custard Facility.
  • Fixed movement when Infected.
  • Fixed npc bug when host leaves survival mode.
  • Added "Could not connect to server" message.
  • Added increased max spawned at once NPC depending on player count.
  • Added Infection mode player win system.
  • Added Server #4 (Needs upgrade to 100 players amount).
  • Added [Player] Killed [Player] message.
  • Added attack sounds for infected players.
  • Mouse look now locks on pause.
  • Changed Portuguese flag to Brazilian.
  • Changed chat font.
  • Removed "Are you sure you want to exit?" screen.
  • Upgraded Server #3
  • Increased boss attack damage.
  • Increased infected player jump height.
  • Decreased infected player run speed and add more damage.


  • Added new M249-Saw support machine gun.
  • Added new M40A3 sniper rifle.
  • Added third person view (Press V to toggle).
  • Added animations for melee attacks.
  • Added Server #5 (20 players max, needs upgrade).
  • Added Server #6 (20 players max, needs upgrade).
  • Fixed Infection timer.
  • Fixed Wave text for other languages.
  • Fixed Round 10 text bug on Survival.
  • Fixed "All custards have been found" message.
  • Fixed Cave hiding spot.
  • Fixed some custard reject facility colliders.
  • Fixed kicking (Type "/kick PlayerName" to kick players as host).
  • Fixed weapons shooting two or more bullets at once.
  • Improved Weapon System (bullets now spray when not aiming).
  • Improved Infection (if no player is infected, the host will be come infected).
  • Increased survival boss damage by 100%.
  • Increased survival boss health by 225.
  • Increased MK16 price to 1500.
  • Increased AKM Price to 1250.
  • Decreased Infected walking and running speed.
  • Decreased Infected attack damage by 40%.
  • Decreased Chainsaw price to 2000.


  • Added 4 weapons: Shorty, 44-Combat, RPG and V261.
  • Removed flashlight attack.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Added Blue Room(Available for admins).
  • Added 3 Mini-Bosses.
  • Removed all servers and replaced by "Main Server".


  • Updated title screen.
  • Added Deathmatch mode.
  • Added Jack-O-Lantern hat.
  • Added Fortress(Available for admins).


  • 4 new maps & NPC.
  • Fixed controller support (broke in v1.19).
  • Fixed sensitivy.
  • Increased Mini-Bosses Heath and Damage.
  • Increased max NPC's spawned at once in survival by +3.
  • Revamped the update system (Now if our website goes down you can still play online).
  • Removed "Deathmatch" experimental gamemode.
  • Added more anti hack security.
  • Fixed bug that prevented players from picking up toast(survival money).
  • Boss range attacks now do more damage.


  • Fixed bugs.
  • Added difficulty for Survival mode.


  • Hacks are removed.


  • Fixed major NPC sync issues in multiplayer
  • Fixed Wave 8 mini-boss special attack
  • Fixed other minor bugs
  • Fixed event hats not appearing after purchase
  • Fixed graphical shaders for older machines (No more red glow)
  • Increased survival default difficulty settings
  • Increased survival game mode difficulties
  • Added 5 New Hats
  • Added New Years event
  • Added LeyAM's Military Outpost map & monster
  • Upgraded multiplayer server (Better pings)
  • Switched bosses in Military Base & Outskirts Day (Bug)


  • Removed LeyAM's Military Outpost map and monster due to bugs.
  • Fixed being unable to chat in multiplayer.
  • Increased NPCS' Health and Damage.


  • Bug fixes.
  • Fixed major crashing issue from 1.25.
  • Fixed Terrain lighting.
  • Improved water effect.
  • Improved revolver damage.
  • Added "Custard Facility (Day)" map + Evil Guardian.
  • Added "Reject Facility" map + Crawler Tubbie.
  • Added fixed version of "Military Outpost" (collider fixes, etc) + Monster.
  • Added a new scream for Scythe Tubbie.


  • Added Secret Center Remastered Map + Po (Pre-Mutation Phase)
  • Added Sandbox Mode
  • Added new hats
  • Added new events for future use (ie. Christmas)
  • Added toggleable swear filter option for YouTubers
  • Modified certain characters (ie. Brutes)
  • Fixed pause menu issues
  • Fixed event system issues
  • Fixed host leaving server issues
  • Fixed other minor bugs
  • Improved security & other tweaks
  • Removed LeyAM's Military Outpost map and monster
  • Updated Brute Tubbie's design


  • Bug Fixes
  • Security Fixes
  • AI Limit increased from 25 to 100
  • New Characters in Sandbox (Military Soldiers, Blue Workers and Infected Blue Worker)
  • Community Requests Implimented