The January 10th Incident was a hacking attack to the ZeoGames website that happened on January 10th 2017, after the release of the v2.1 update for Slendytubbies II. This incident required the website to be shut down and rebuilt from scratch.

The Incident

According to ZeoWorks users, the incident happened at 9PM (GMT-3). When a user tried to open the page, they would automatically log in with a random user. If someone tried to log out, they would get an error and redirect to the forums with a different user, and if they tried to log out again, they would get redirected to a 2013 version of the website with another user. As soon the users realized, they tried to contact Sean and Santikun, they arrived as soon as they could and tried to fix the website, but it was in vain. Since they could not log in their own accounts, they had to speak through the website's chatbox using other people's accounts, but they got banned as soon as the attackers found out. With this, Sean disabled account requirement on the chatbox, which opened doors to trolls spamming the chat and insulting other people. The website was scheduled to be shut down at midnight, but it was closed several hours later for unknown reasons.

Causes and Culprits

It is unknown what, why, how and who caused the attack. Some ZeoWorks users pointed fingers to a user called "Diamond-Kevin", as he was the only logged account on the website after the chat requirement was shut down, and his last logged IP gave away the attacker was using a proxy. However, it is unlikely that this one user was the cause of it, as the attacker could of been using the account as a dummy.


Since it is unknown how the attack was done, it caused the website's system to break to the point of being completely unfixable. A post on the ZeoWorks Facebook page announced that the website was going to be shut down until further notice[1].

On January 11th, our website got attacked by some hackers, which completely broke our system. As a security measure, we shut down the website while we work on a fix. Until then, you won't be able to log on our forums or download our games. It really breaks our hearts that someone did this, and we're deeply sorry for this inconvenience.

We will be back soon.

— ZeoWorks Team
It was confirmed that the website has to be rebuilt from scratch, leaving no trace of the old website. The old website had been running since 2013.


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