Items are used in Slendytubbies III in Campaign. They are mainly required to complete a task.

Image Name Use Found Chapter Article
Toolbox Toolbox Fixing the Custard Machine On the Workbench (Tubbytronic Superdome) Chapter 0
CustardItem Custard Feeding the Teletubbies Given by the Custard Machine (Tubbytronic Superdome) Chapter 0 Main Article: Tubby Custard
BTorch Builder's Torch Required to Search for Tinky Winky On the Workbench (Tubbytronic Superdome) Chapter 0 Main Article: Flashlight
Pipe Pipe Required to fix the Pipe System (Chapter 1)

Required to break the chain on the gate (Chapter 2)

On a box (Secret Lair)

On a box inside of a shack (Teletubby Mountains)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2
NightVision Night Vision Camera Illuminating Areas (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3)

Required to Leave the Secret Lair (Chapter 1) Required to Leave the Teletubby Mountains (Chapter 2)

Inside the Vault (Secret Lair)

On the frozen pond (Teletubby Mountains)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Main Article: Flashlight
CustardItem Infected Custard All but one required to proceed (Chapter 1)

All Required to proceed (Chapter 2)

Scattered Around (Teletubby Land)

Scattered around the ruins (Teletubby Outskirts)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Main Article: Tubby Custard
Rock Rock Used to put Laa-Laa out of her misery Found on the floor (Teletubby Outskirts) Chapter 2
Keycard Key Card Required to enter the Secret Center Found inside the vent next to a dead Blue Worker (Satellite Station) Chapter 3 Related Article: Blue Workers
Chainsaw Chainsaw Used to fight The Announcer and Po Found next to the dead Headless Dipsy (Satellite Station) Chapter 3 Related Articles: Dipsy, Weapons

In Slendytubbies III, there are a few items that go unused in the but have textures within the files. These items may have been scrapped or placeholder images for other items that are in the game.

Image Name
CamCorder Camera Recorder