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Infection is a game mode that only appears in Slendytubbies III.


In this game mode, random players are chosen to be either Infected or Survivors. There is a team of each side, with different goals to be on the lead. The infected players will play as a Runner New Born. The main goal of infected players is to kill other players which are the survivors. If a person is killed by an infected, then the survivor will become one, and if an infected gets killed, they will respawn.

On the other hand, the survivors are given an XIX Pistol and an MCS870 Shotgun to protect themselves. The objective of the survivors are to survive and kill as many infected players as you can without being killed.

The player with the most amount of kills, whether a survivor or infected, will be shown to be leading and winning as text near the timer will say "(Player Name) is on the lead". The match will end if all survivors become infected or if the timer runs out, however the game will not end and simply restart. The only way to stop an infection game is if all players leave the room.


  • It and Survival are both game modes that are unique to Slendytubbies III.
  • It, Versus and Sandbox are the only game modes where the player can play as an enemy.
  • This is the only mode where one can play as the Runner New Born.
    • This makes the Runner New Borns and the Mini-Announcer the only Survival-Exclusive enemies to be playable in other game modes.