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The Fortress is a special map in the Slendytubbies III Multiplayer. It was added in the v1.19 update. Only moderators are able to start games in it.


It is a medieval castle-like fortress located in the middle of a sparse forest. There are two main entrances into the fortress on two opposite sides, with two brown walkways up to the walls both on one of the other sides.

Inside, there are four open areas, two near the main entranceways and two in the middle. A bridge over a small river of water is in the middle of the fortress, along with a well. In one of the middle areas exists an entrance to a large empty long room, and a stairway up to the top of the walls, from where there is access to some of the towers around the wall of the fortress. Inside each tower is a room and a stairway to the top.

In the other area in the middle of the fortress, there is a stairway to the inside of the wall, which consists of a few small rooms.


  • The name of the map, "Fortress (Day)" implies that there will be a night version of the map.
  • In Survival, the boss wave is an extra enemy wave that includes a mix of Runner New Borns, Ranged New Borns, Berserker New Borns, and a single Scorpion New Born at the end.
  • Tinky Winky is the enemy in Collect. This is likely due to him being the default enemy.
  • Moving on top of the shingled roofs in the map will kill the player. Falling into the water in the river or the well will do the same.
  • None of the trees outside of the fortress have collision.
  • There is no ambiance in this map.
  • At the edge of the land in the map, there are invisible walls. This is to prevent players from falling out of bounds.
  • It is one of the only maps being available for moderators, the other being Blue Room.