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Droids is a species of robotic creatures, generally used for security and fights.

They are characters of the Slendytubbies saga and all have been revealed in Slendytubbies III.

In the story, the origins of the droids are unclear, but they all seems to be somewhat affiliated with the Military or the Coat Men.

Voice Trumpets

While not classified as Droids, the Voice Trumpets are the first mechanical "characters" to be included in the series. They appears for aesthetic purposes in the first two opuses. One of them appears as an Easter Egg in the first opus, while another appears at the beginning of the last game's demo and later, during Chapter 0 - It was Good.

Their main function in the original TV series is to give orders to the Teletubbies. In the Slendytubbies saga, their function is not directly shown, but considering the experiences on the colored creatures, it has to be similar.


Fighting Units

Image Name Description
Mug-SecurityDroid Security Droïds Security Droïds are tall and mechanical humanoid with gears all over their body, two machete-hands and one orange eye. They appears as ones of the toughest enemies in Survival, and they are presumably soldiers of the Coat Men sent to kill any Teletubbies that tries to escape their experiences.
Mug-SpiderDroid Spider Droïds Spider Droïds are robotic spiders with four legs and one red eye. They appears as ones of the weakest enemies in Survival. Nothing is known about them, but it can be assumed they are affiliated with the Security Droids and have similar directives.
Mug-AnnouncerSecurity Mini-Announcer The Mini-Announcer (a.k.a Boss Droid) is a big robot with a voice trumpet as a head, big hands and a hole in the middle of its body. It appears as the second mini-boss in Survival and the playable character of the Versus Mode from the Military Base. Nothing is known about it, but it can be assumed it has a link with its bigger relative, and the Military.
Mug-Announcer The Announcer The Announcer is a massive robot with a voice trumpet as a head and a big mechanical body. It appears as a boss near the end of Chapter 3 - Run Away from Campaign, and a threat at the Military Base in Multiplayer. It has been corrupted by Noo Noo and sent to fight The Guardian, while its original directive was probably to act as a soldier or guardian at the Military Base.

Speaking Units

Image Name Description
Unit 437 Unit 437 Unit 437 is one of the Security Droids. The latter was originally sent to track and kill the one who became its master after have realized it didn't have a chance to fight it. It is now ordered to cook food for its master and keep it alive. The player can meet it if it choose to travel through the Teletubby Mountains during the beginning of Chapter 2 - The Journey.
NooNoo Noo Noo While classified as Artificial Intelligence instead of Droid, Noo-Noo is still a robotic being. His main function was to clean the Tubbytronic Superdome and take care of their inhabitants. However, for reasons that he explained to The Guardian near the end of Chapter 3, he infected the Tubby Custards to turn the Teletubbies into killing creatures and "make them better", which free them from their experiences at the same time.


  • Unit 437 is shown to have a sentience, having a personality and expressing fear towards its master or when thinking about failing its directive.
    • This could mean that it's the case with all of the Security Droids.
    • The latter says that it has been created by machines, which mean that all (or almost all) of the droids have been created by machines, but it is still to be determined if it's the same ones that created the teletubbies.
  • Only two voice trumpets (excluding the easter egg) have been shown in the first opuses, and in the end, two massive robots are shown to have a voice trumpet as a head.