The Custard Facility is one of the different maps available of Slendytubbies III in Multiplayer.

It is also a possible visited locations in Campaign.

It is one section of an entire industrial area, with the Reject Facility.


It's a factory with numerous pipes, machineries and staircases. It also has two indistrual parks with small buildings.

It is mainly known to be the place where is located the "Main Supply" of Tubby Custard.


Chapter 3

The Custard Facility is only seen at the end of Chapter 3 - Run Away if The Guardian is agree with Noo Noo and decides to follow him.

The facility is revealed to be the place where the origin of the infected custards is located. The custard is producted by the "Main Supply", which is related to every Custard Machines. Noo Noo putted his virus into it.


The Facility is one of the maps the player can choose, on four different modes. It is wandered by Dipsy during night, and by the Evil Guardian during day.

The latters can have six different starting locations :

  • One is at a corner, behind a building.
  • One is in front of a wall, at the opposite side of the aforementioned spawnpoint.
  • Two are at the end of a large empty area.
  • Two are behind a building, near the chimney.

Notable Areas

  • Industrial Parks
  • Custard Supply


  • Since the Secret Center was originally one section of an entire facility that is patrolled by Po in Multiplayer, Dipsy became the threat of the Custard Facility.
    • It was later added as a standalone map named Secret Center Remastered which ended up being patrolled by pre-mutation Po.
  • It shares its ambience with the Reject Facility.
  • It is one of the maps to be playable on both day and night, the others being Teletubby Land and Teletubby Outskirts.

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