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Collect is a gamemode available in every Slendytubbies game except for Slendytubbies III: The Apocalypse DLC and Dipsy's Workshop, as they are not full games.


The main objective of the game mode is to collect a certain amount of custards without being caught and killed by the map threat(s). The game mode begins with the player(s) spawning in an area of the map, as well as the map threat(s). Custards are littered around the map in multiple randomly generated locations for the player(s) to collect.

The map threat however, will wander around the map, near a custard until it spots a player or the player alerts it, where it will then emit a loud noise (usually being a scream or roar), signaling that it has spotted a player. When the threat(s) wander and guard near the custards, and the custard it was guarding happens to be obtained by the player without being noticed, they will run towards the nearest custard, and start walking when at a certain distance. If all custards have been collected, the map threat(s) will disappear which prevents any remaining player(s) from dying.

The amount of custards to be collected by the player(s), as well as the time given to collect the custards is to be chosen by the room's host. The maximum amount of time that the player(s) has to collect all the custards is 25, while the minimum is 5. The same applies the custard amount.


  • It and Versus are the very first modes in the game and the most prominent.
    • They both also have the same objective of collecting custards (Except for the player that plays as the map threat in Versus).
  • The Cabins and the Secret Lair are the only maps with two threats.
  • This game mode was inspired by the gameplay of the original Slender games, which is very prominent in the first opus.