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The "Coat Men" are mysterious characters mentioned several times in Slendytubbies III.

Their existence is revealed in the notes written by an experienced teletubbie and found in the Teletubby Cave. They are known to be the ones behind the experiments, the trio ( being the Claw Tubbie, the Arrow Tubbie and the Yeti Tubbie in particular).


As stated by the experienced teletubbie who wrote the notes, the Coat Men are depicted to be not pleasant or kind.

By ripping apart the teletubbie's journal, this states the Coat Men were quite cruel, and even made the experienced one to endure something painful for testing.

They also lacked of mercy when one of the best friend trio was sick, and won't do anything about it, or even help.


  • Most likely, the Coat Men were killed by Claw Tubbie, Arrow Tubbie, or maybe even Yeti Tubbie.
  • Because of Ghost Girl's presence in the series and the fact she's human, this could prove the Coat Men are human as well.
  • They could be the ones behind everything; from the creation of teletubbies until the experiments.
    • This could mean there's also teletubbies working with them.
    • The motives, however, are unclear.