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The content of this page is not canon, and therefore, should not be interpreted as part of the lore.
Want to know about their origin? Their backstory can be read here, posted by their creator.

Brute Tubbies are non-canon enemies that appear in the Slendytubbies III Multiplayer.

They are original, fan-made characters, created by the user Ruption Shine, that have been added in the game as a gift.


They are tall and rather muscular beige teletubbies with a sharpened (or moon-shaped) antenna, empty eyes and sharp teeth. They both also wear brown gloves, brown boots, and carry a cleaver.

The only difference between them is the orientation of their antenna; Kleve being the one with the right-oriented antenna and Klave being the one with the left-oriented antenna.

In contrary to their original design, they have the body shape of a regular teletubbie and their cleaver isn't sharpened. Before the Update 1.28, they had the same antenna and were lacking their accessories as well as being smaller.


In Collect, they both appears as the threats of Cabin.

Like other monsters, they will approach the closest Tubby Custard to the player and patrol around it, until they spots the player. When the player is spotted, they will grunt and chase the player until all nearby players are far away enough or dead. They are rather of a threat due to the fact they are two but have medium-speed attacks.

In Versus, one of them is playable.


For more infos, see Survival

They appears at the tenth wave as the final bosses. Because of being a duo, they each have half the health of a boss and only one attack.


For more infos, see Sandbox

One of them can appears as an enemy, an ally or a playable character. Because of being coded like in Survival Mode, he has half the health of a boss and deals less damages.


  • They originate from an alternate universe where the human race isn't extinct and still predominantly inhabit the earth.
    • They are two of the Twisted Teletubbies, a group composed of four non-infected, insane teletubbies, created by the characters' original creator.
  • They are cannibals and are not infected.
  • Their behavior is inaccurate, as explained by their creator, they don't know what Tubby Custards are.
  • Their design is inspired by two halloween costumes of Laa-Laa and Dipsy.
    • An edited picture of the costumes was used as a popup in Slendytubbies II.
    • The Brute Tubbies are not meant to be the same characters as the costumes.
  • They are one of the only two enemies to be in a pair, the other being the New Borns.
  • The Brute Tubbies and the Shadow Tubbie are the only hostile teletubbies of the entire saga to not be infected.
  • Unlike other enemies, their model uses the old teletubbie head from previous games.
  • Their attack speed is slightly faster than the enemies with a slow attack speed.
    • They also share their running animation with Ghost Girl.

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