My name is Ron, I work here... We all work here.
— Ron, presenting himself.

The Blue Workers were minor characters who made an appearance in Slendytubbies III.

They were engineers in the Satellite Station but nothing else is known about them. Considering the size of the building and their low number, they were probably not the only ones to work here.


They have the appearance of normal teletubbies, with blue fur but no antenna. They all look identical.

The Chainsaw Worker seen in Sandbox Mode have the same overall appearance. He has a pale face with a right black eye and a left empty eye. His body is also bloody and have a slightly different shade of blue.


Chapter 3

Once The Guardian reached the Satellite Station, he walks in the corridors and see corpses of blue teletubbies lying in the ground. A female one is found at the entrance, she written a note telling everyone to escape the building but it was probably already too late. Two others are seen a bit furher with one having intestines coming out of its body.

The Guardian then meet one of them, who is still alive and injured, for then be killed later. The Guardian then find another corpse with the key-card that will allows him to enter the Secret Center.




For more infos, see Sandbox

Blue Workers holding knives can be summoned as allies or enemies. They have considerably less health than the other characters and have the same behavior than the Generic New Borns except that they run instead of walking.

An infected Blue Worker with a chainsaw can appears as an enemy or an ally. He appears as a clone of Dipsy Chainsaw since he has the same weapon, animations and attacks. He is also not playable.


  • Ron
  • Tobby
  • Female Worker
  • Two others Workers


  • After looking closely to the key-card, the 5th encountered worker is named Tobby.
  • When The Guardian inspect the corpse at the entrance, he says "She's gone...", meaning it's a female member, and probably the only one.
  • They were revealed in the Final Promo, lying in the Secret Center.
  • Them, The Military Soldiers and the New Borns are part of a group of many generic characters.
  • The Chainsaw Worker could possibly be the second worker that the Guardian passes when entering the Satellite Station. It can be noted that they have a similar physical state while the other workers have their insides coming out, and Ron is dismembered. This worker is also the only one that The Guardian completely ignores.

Ron is a minor character who appears in Slendytubbies III.

He was an engineer of the Satellite Station among four other Blue Workers.


He has the appearance of a normal teletubbie, with blue fur but no antenna. He is severely injured, bloody and has a black eye.


Chapter 3

Once The Guardian reached the Satellite Station and found out the massacre, he met Ron, sitting at the end of a corridor. He explained that a headless green monster with a chainsaw had entered the facility and killed everyone. He managed to escape, but have been severely injured. He then said at White Tubbie that he has to find a key card to access the Secret Center to contact the Military.

Once Guardian reached the other side of the door, Ron is brutally killed, dismembered by the aforementioned monster.


  • He is fated to die no matter what the choices the player makes.
  • He, and the others workers, lacks an antenna.
  • He is mistaken for being the Chainsaw Worker that was introduced in Sandbox, due to having the same right closed eye. However, Ron have been dismembered while the Chainsaw Worker have his body in a correct shape.

Blue Workers