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The Blue Room is a special map of Slendytubbies III in Multiplayer. It has been added with the "Update 1.18". Only moderators have access to it.

It seems to be only available in a single room of a server.


It is a flat area with a floor made of wood with no obstacles. It has a pale blue sky that seems to be missing clouds, and even a sun. The main threat of this map is regularly Tinky Winky, most likely because he is the default threat for other extra maps. In Survival Mode, the boss of the map also happens to be Tinky Winky.


  • It is possible that it is a test map.
  • It may be a variation of Laa-Laa's Dream but in "daytime", since it is very similar.
    • It and The Dream are the only "empty" maps in the game.
  • There is no ambience in this map, which it shares with the Fortress Map.
    • This may be the case for all maps available for moderators, including future maps.
  • It and the Fortress Map are the only maps that are only available for moderators.