• Welp89


    January 14, 2019 by Welp89

    Hello Wiki users. I'm still not admin BUT i decided to do a voting. In this voting, you will decide either "Teletubby" should stay or not. The pages who have still "Teletubby" name on it are: Cave, Lake, Mountains and Outskirts. Voting will end tomorrow.

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  • Pnodgaming

    S2 admin console?

    November 20, 2018 by Pnodgaming

    Does anybody know where i can get a version of Slendytubbies 2 which has the admin console? If you have the version, please give me a download link.

    Upddate: Nevermind, i got both 1.5 and 2.0 and they WOULD have the console, but the multiplayer servers are shut down, so it doesn't work.

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  • Bloodfin the spy main


    Zootopia Secret Facilities

    A two famous policemans and few another unknowns goes to do a deal with a "Black Widow". Everything looks ready, great and bit creepy.

    ?: So... deal?

    Black Widow: OK! Tell your "boyfriend" , that deal is complete.

    ?: Hey! Deal ready!


    A something appear in the air... a gas... green gas...

    ?: HOLY FUCK! JU- 

    Foxy hits the ground and slowly he changes in something worst than normal fox.

    ?: I don't feel so goo-

    She slowly fell on wall.

    BW: Let's test this shit out. Gentleman, good work. Now tell rest to prepare.


    Somewhere in city

    A kid hears noises under his floor... possibly neigbour does another butchy things... Perry is still Perry.

    Paul: Aw... she always closes doors... strange.

    He enters …

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  • Bloodfin the spy main

    My blog.exe

    August 19, 2018 by Bloodfin the spy main

    My experimental blog, what means ramdom gibberish, so let's do a worstest thing here besides porn comics.

    Tinky Winky

    Every second of his existence is full of suffer, but still he is gut.

    His friend is freaking lizard and he fucked reptile-tubbie.

    A older sister is felled in love with white tubbie, what is infected.

    And younger girl is lesbian.

    His mission is to save a world from cult of Shadow Tubbie Shrek.

    He has a crush on anorectic white girl with blades instead of hands.

    E X T R A  S U C C Y B O I Noo-Noo is his comrade, as he back as android.

    Ron likes good p00sy, Despacito and B O N E L E S S  P I Z Z A (without pineapple).

    Guardian likes asian girls with big titties.


    трахнуть утку до взорванного

    Your really fucked up bloodfin the shpee boi […

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  • EvanVizuett

    Unit-437 Art

    August 8, 2018 by EvanVizuett
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  • Welp89

    Zeoworks page is back

    July 19, 2018 by Welp89

    Zeoworks is back for now again

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  • Iceclaw12

    It keeps redirecting me to a blank page with the title "Contact Support".

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  • Tubbybloxian

    Seriously, I heard that there was one part where Po hung herself, still wondering, does anyone have all the links that link to the Slendytubbies movie clips that Santikun unlisted? Or what?

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  • Tubbybloxian

    Note: I just wanted do it just for fun.

    If you don't know, I really want to download previous versions of Slendytubbies 3 because I want to find the white tubby model and try to export it so I can reskin it into something I want to reskin it to. I also want to use it for Slendytubby animations and other, stuff which people know that are creative. So does anyone have like a previous versions of Slendytubbies 3 multiplayer? Such as version 1.1 and 1.15, if so then give me the download link to them please.

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  • TerminatorEggggg8390

    Hey, guys! I noticed the Character and Map infoboxes have gotten some changes. However, I think we should use my templates or Xamp's templates. So we're voting here.

    Xamp's template is in europa theme. My template uses class.

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  • Minacious-Vixen

    Noo Noo art

    June 1, 2018 by Minacious-Vixen
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  • Tuparman


    May 16, 2018 by Tuparman

    Po is one of the main recurring characters in the Slendytubbies series.




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  • Tuparman

    Some resources

    May 4, 2018 by Tuparman

    Here's some documents that may have some useful info for the wiki

    Campaign speedrun guide:

    This may have some bugs that weren't documented on the wiki yet.

    Doge mode dialogue transcript:

    Might not be too useful since it's just the joke language.

    English dialogue transcipt:

    Should be useful, also note that typos and such are preserved, to maintain accuracy.

    In-depth stats of weapons:…

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  • Tuparman

    Some things

    April 30, 2018 by Tuparman

    So, I'm technically one of the older users here, despite not having done much. That was back when an old friend of mine had adopted the wiki. I didn't have much interest in the game series then.

    Now is a different story. The third game is pretty damn good, so of course I'd want to go onto the wiki. Would be a long time before I actually started doing stuff here.

    But enough of my life story. What I want to talk about are some issues I've seen. First off, where's the rules? I can't seem to find a rules page, nor a staff page. It would be pretty useful to have those.

    Secondly, the article format. I don't see why the enemy version and the regular version of a character needs to be separate. We don't even have anything about the healthy state of T…

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  • Minacious-Vixen




    Welcome to Teletubbie Guide!

    Roo, Age 15, Lives with her big sister, Beth. Known for her cool skateboard skillz. Dark-Brown-haired, Natural Beige skin, with Light Blue eyes.

    Beth, Age 18, Owns a house and lives with her little sister, Roo. Known for her short stories on the internet. Black-haired, Olive skin, with Laurel Green eyes. 

    It was summer, and today was Roo's birthday. She just turned fifteen. Beth was excited. She was gonna take Roo to her favorite restaurant. Roo liked Mexican food, and so did Beth. They chose a Mexican restaurant. Roo chose a Chinese restaurant yesterday, but now she changed her mind. Beth worked at an office. She also has a side job, or if you want to call it a side job. She made l…

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  • Sharp79377937

    3qoigw ejkfw ogvj 0uigj42hnbtiboW#BEIOnbm oZdfgigdfgxdfsdhr owjhiaewnaba jioprnjhiabom spfg[mnjsb fpioafnbvjkl njfkol;bn [agajikmdjioa mgajkknhignghonrjgnmjidmfvfgodng0uiawnmteuiabhmjeuitb9tmkjioeramhkjgo0rmtgvotkrtyfugipojhkgfdsfwiGMwd-r[3guo htr mwbnhwto9-rmgik95rn-fnekw-gm9fikvmier9uvmw k

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  • TheLoudHouseFAN5

    The Thug (or Gas Station Survivor, and Teletubby Gangster) is a unnamed teletubby survivor and OC from Slendytubbies 3, He is attempts to kidnap and rape Orange (the Inkling Girl) in front of the gas station.

    He is only 24-years-old since of his death after getting killed by New Borns.

    Normal: He is a brown teletubby with no antenna, he have brown eyes and wearing a Crip red scarf on his head.

    Infected: He is a bloodly gray-brown teletubby with gray face, no eyes, got left ripped off from his right face to his mouth, he got gunwound on his shoulder (same as Normal), got his left hand ripped and replace a kinfe for attack, got bleeding marks on his top of his head, chest and legs, and got a screen broken/shattered.

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  • GamokeReasok 78

    He's a place like is, and easy should talk < my oc normal.

    Maybe, and he's a be normal? not bad. seeee like is slendytubbies>

    Idk, don't anymore buy? cake.

    Ron: Art, looks! Gray Tubby: Thank you :)

    23 may: Happy Birthday Gray Tubbie!

    He's be good, and happy :) Ron is brother gray tubby, and don't sad....................... Anymore doest's sad. Ron: my brother. how are you? Gray Tubby: be good. He's be good

    For art. it's a school. : 14 + 20 = ? don't knew. know know know.....

    Nooooooooo be angry >:(, cri me.....

    Ron: sad....

    • The Later Night......

    Gray Tubby he's a be sleep, Ron come is Satellite Station.

    He's be don't sleep, eat tubby custard BEEN MONSTER!

    Come is Blooddyyyy! WHAT THE?


    Oh n…

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  • Capitano Nox

    The Teletubbies’ world is the Earth but after some sort of apocalypse or another event that killed almost all the humans. This explains why there is the possessed school and the outskirts. The few humans that survived (the Coat Men) probably wanted to fill the planet with life again and so they created the Teletubbies.

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  • Welp89


    December 29, 2017 by Welp89


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  • QuackersUniversityOhWaitSlendytubbies

    Well, I want to make an OC here, but I do not know how, if anyone has any tips, that would be a lot of help! ♥

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  • Steven"SpringBubba"Savoy

    An oc idea

    November 21, 2017 by Steven"SpringBubba"Savoy

    Hello people.

    Is it alright if I put an oc idea on this blog?

    If so then I thank you.

    I can't make thic oc myself,someone will have to make it for me because I do not know how to make this myself.

    So my oc is a conjoined twin,both male,and he has brown fur with small blood stains from all his past victims,he was created by one of the infected teletubby creation machines,he has a machete for his right hand,and a hatchet in his left hand.

    He also has another limb but that is a massive blade,he also has razor sharp gnashing teeth on both heads,and he has a fourth limb with a hand that holds a hog splitter cleaver.

    One head has the antenna cut off while the other head does not have an antenna,instead having bull horns on the outside and devilish hor…

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  • Mouseketools

    so this is my first blog post but how come there is no rules on this wiki

    resone im asking becase Welp89 says to stop posting pitchers on this wiki and if i dont stop he sed that he would tell Xampshine to ban me but i dont know what to do becase there is no rules on this wiki and i asked him if i could post pitchers and he never replied so what do i do i dont want to get banned from this wiki but if theres no rules how do i know Xampshine sed that a purson who started this wiki is not active maby why theres no rules i dont know should i make a new page about rules i dont know i dont know at all

    plus if there were rules that it will tell other things not to do this is why so much useless pages were created

    but plz tell me maby someone could m…

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  • Welp89

    Hi,something bad happend:I CANT LEFT MESSAGES TO XAMPSHINE.Can somebody help me how to left messages on Xampshine's wall

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  • EveryWorld


    October 11, 2017 by EveryWorld


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  • Eduterror123


    September 21, 2017 by Eduterror123

    Do You Guys Know Where Can I Find A Teletubbie/slendytubbie Model for blender?

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  • Zuras Hakai

    I was looking for the Teletubbies Wiki, if there was a page about Slendytubbies. It was also the first time I see the Teletubbies Wiki, I read some articles like Tinky WInky (let's call it Wiki Tubby, for short). There was no page of Slendytubbies, so I decide to create a page about the game (first one). I didn't put much on the page, I wanted to do it on my own and no copypaste but putting it in my words and style. So there was 0 images, a few texts like the Maps and only two characters. I save it for later (it looks like a crappy page :/) and when I comeback, it was deleted and I got banned......meh. I don't really care about that. I did read the rules. But I couldn't put the Slendytubbies page on the fanon, it was deleted :(. It wasn't a …

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  • Jeffyistheworst17

    Hello! This is my first ever blog post. Anyways, I wanted to go over some differences of the Slendytubbies saga compared to the original show.

    1: Teletubby Land

    Teletubby Land is the main setting of both the show and the saga. In the original show, the land was located in the countryside, but in the Slendytubbies games, it appears to be it's own island surrounded by mountains. I approve.

    2: The way the Teletubbies talk

    In the original show. the Teletubbies could only speak so few words, and in the saga, they can now speak in full sentences. I approve of this change.

    3: The windmill

    The windmill is the most iconic landmark of Teletubby Land, though it does not appear at all in the entire saga, nor is it heard or mentioned by any of the characters…

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  • GamokeReasok 78

    You can't hide from me! Tinky Winky for you! I found you! I killing you! Where are you! I'm Monster You can't play Flood Escape I'm Monster! You Can't Run! I can killing you!

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  • GamokeReasok 78

    I dont know! Tinky is coming for you! you can't run! Where are you! Dipsy! Laa-Laa! Po! You can't will me!

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  • AilisCutie101
    1. the New Borns look like they're covered in peanut butter.
    2. TinkyTank looks like either Harambe or the Hulk.
    3. Yeti is a girl and it is science fact.
    4. Ghost Girl wants pickles
    5. Distorted Tubbie likes spaghetti
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  • AilisCutie101


    June 11, 2017 by AilisCutie101

    How 2 make pie? OK

    1. Bake pie
    2. Eat pie
    3. DIE


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  • AilisCutie101

    Four Happy Teletubbies,

    as cheerful as can be!

    But one went insane,

    and then there were three.

    Three nervous Teletubbies,

    What could they do?

    One went to hide,

    but then, there were two.

    Two fearful Teletubbies,

    with no choice but to run,

    Faster and Faster,

    and t h e n, there was ONE.

    One frightened Teletubby,

    Wi̵t̴h͠ no͞ ͏w͢here ̶l͏e͏f͏t́ t̶o ͢r̢un̵.

    S̰̙̖̭͖̦͟ͅh̘͈̖̲͙e̫̳̮̤͖͞ ̴ţ̳͙̭ŗ̱̹͉͚ͅi̙̹͓͉̤̣͉e̷͓̻͇̰̪̬ͅd̴ ͔̳̠̳SO̪̩̟ H̸̲͔͔A̮̱̫͔̦R̮̙̰D̰̗͞ ̦͖t̖̬̟̖o̟̖̼̩ͅ ̷͎̯̪̺͍g̡͓͈̙̜̳͕̟e̩̮̞̱t͈̠̲͟ ͝ͅa͕̠͖̗͢w̯̳̥a͘y͇͇͇̣̰̰̲͟

    B̩̤͂̎̈u͈̩ͪ̔͑͆̽ͅt̵̻̊ ͉̻͍̘͔̊͘tͬͣḧ̗̤͗͂ͩͤeͧ͗n̟͔̒̑̕?̦͙̬͓̤͎̘̄ͬ̃͊́ͩ̚ t̺̯͕̭̠̖̊͗̚͜h͉̥̣̻̩̼̯͜ę̦̬͙͍͉̤̯͒ͭͦͫr̪͚̘͗̽ͥͦ͟ĕ̪̣̲̲ͥ͐͊ ͭ͛̽̿̾̒͝ẉ̴͋͆ͪͦė͍̖̦̭̟̬̽ͤ̋r͕̙̘̞̱̟͎̕e̟̺̮̠̰̒ͥͨ͞  Ǹ͍̭̯̰͕̱͙̮̞̓͌̈̾̾͞͞ ̫͛̈͆̆͋̕Ŏ̸̫̤̜̼̳̳͚͗̌͟ͅ ̮̫͓̅̅̎͑̇Ṅ̵̸̻̻̘̝͚͐ͫ͐̌͌ ̤͉̟̤̗̜̯͑̽̑̋̒ͭ̕ͅE̲͉ͪ̆̿ͪ̉ͦ̔.̡͔͉̭̗̟̬̪̃ͣ̐ͮ͘

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  • AilisCutie101

    Po: tinky winky I made custard

    T.W: YEY -nom- [has seizure]

    Dipsy: WAT DA FUDGE??

    Laa-Laa: Hes outta control!!! 

    -12:00 Midnight-

    Po: [wakes up, sees tinky winky leave, wakes up Laa-Laa]

    Laa-Laa: uuugh wat

    Po: I saw tinky winky leeve

    Laa-Laa: oh shizznizzle

    Dipsy: was goin on???

    Po: I saw tinky winky leeve

    Dipsy: aww poo poo

    Po: we got go on quest

    Dipsy: but what if he come bakk

    Laa-Laa: idk lol

    Po: Cmon Laa-Laa less go

    Laa-Laa: aight

    ~so they go on quest to find tw~

    Po: dere he ees


    Po: AW SHOOT

    -Yakkity Sax music-

    (Two minutes later)

    White Tubby: uh oh everyone dead I go on quest

    WT: Okeez I heer


    WT: SHIT

    Dipsy: [sees WT with his hat from heaven] WAT DE FLIPPING POO HE STOLE MAH HAT I NEED REVENGE [goes b…

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  • Isaac fazbear

    I was on multiplayer and when tinky winky found me he was not chasing me he was just running from me instead please respond to this zeoworks so you can fix the bug i also found some other bugs like The skintubbies don't move so please fix these bugs Thanks.

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  • YourNightmareGuy
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  • UUnlockedMario
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  • Mr Bonnie

    No information on this wiki

    December 23, 2014 by Mr Bonnie

    Just now, I have noticed that some of pages have been ruined by a user, what this user has done is removed all the content on some of the pages, I have tried to edit it, but I have a feeling this user is going to remove the content again. I do not want this wiki to be ruined, since I care for it, we may need to create a new wiki about Slendytubbies, and to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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